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Here is a series of recent articles that reflect current ruminations on sky happenings and world or personal events and other fun miscellaneous topics. Enjoy!

100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic: a review of the event chart for that tragic event.

Full and New Moons of 2011 and the entry of the Sun into each sign.

Bowing to the Water God - more on Neptune

Blog for the Spring Equinox 2010 - Qualities of the Spring Equinox

Sky Blog on Neptune

On Venus - and Love and Money

On Mars - overhead in the sky between Orion and the Big Dipper in North America between 8PM and Midnight!

RGV Chart Chats


  See the current state of the solar flare effects on our earth:   
Solar X-rays:  

Geomagnetic Field: 
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