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Mars, the Action Planet

Mars represents passions and assertiveness, and our tendencies to take actions more or less automatically in certain ways, as shown in our natal chart.

Currently, Mars in the sky is transiting Pisces, and will be from 3/15/2009 to 4/22/2009. This is being written between 4/1 and 4/5, so below is a listing of expected themes and actual events based on the themes that Mars in Pisces represents during this period.

Mars in Pisces. This period is about half over. What has it been like?

1) there are a significant number of plane crashes and shootings happening over the last couple of weeks, as discussed in the news. Also, two volcanoes have become active - one in Alaska, and one erupting in Chile. (Mars is close to conjoining sharpening Uranus in the sky.)
2) The G20 meeting of world leaders is occurring over April 1-3, where a significant amount of 'frank' talks and public optimism is apparent. At the same time, obscure and isolated North Korea is attempting to launch a satellite into space. Five countries: China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and the US are very concerned over this launch and are taking significant war-like precautions.
3) Lots of people have been losing there jobs over the last months, with revised numbers coming out in the last couple of weeks. The unemployment rate is now at 8.5%
4) The threat of layoffs has been announced twice at my job over the last couple of weeks.
5) Work has been quieter for me, with me buckling down (and sequestering myself) to meet a project deadline.
6) There is a sense of dynamism and flow, some of it can be mistaken for mental or physical laziness.
7) Mars in Pisces can represent working together without boundaries, or working selflessly for an important mission. (This may often happen on the job these days.)
8) Feelings of commonality with others may have some prominence.
9) Mars in Pisces can indicate that actions occur behind the scenes, rather than 'in-your-face'. They may still be seen by many others, but many actions seem hidden. Also, some efforts that should be taken may get forgotten during this period.
10) More effort and energy may be applied toward creating art and other creative works during this time of Mars in Pisces. Engaging in creative arts may mitigate the tendency to undercut one's own well-being, whether through drinking, or feeling victimized, or other ways.
11) Whatever area of life that Mars in Pisces is operating in, that area may become less dramatic, with work and force of attention taking a quieter approach to getting things done.
12) Mars sextile Pluto - there may be action taken towards counting up what's wrong (and not wrong) about efforts that have occurred thus far. Decisions could get made to cut or trim or otherwise adjust what has not been working as well as it 'should'.
13) Mars oppose Saturn - the sense of manhood may be attacked. Men may feel vulnerable and perhaps cut down to size (or worse.) Women may feel that their tendency towards assertiveness is affronted.
14) Mars conjunct Uranus - sharp surprises. Be careful today, don't use knives if one can help it. Sharp actions, sharp turns, fast efforts, etc. Mistakes can be tragic. Swift cutting.
15) Mars conjunct Venus - men and women may either get along really well today, or feel so self-sufficient (and androgynous) that they don't need each other, and thus, get irritated at each other's presence.
16) Big storms, floods, and ice storms have plagued many cities and states. (Mars in Pisces with the rulers conjoined - lots of watery action)
17) Illness due to fog and humid cold is possible.
18) More on Mars Oppose Saturn: North Korea (Mars), an isolated, militant nation with an army of 4 million soldiers, launched a rocket with a satellite on it over Japan into the mid-Pacific ocean. The Koreans indicated an intention to place a small satellite into orbit broadcasting patriotic songs. The US, Japan, and South Korea were all alarmed at this launch, and spoke out against it. (Saturn) Since the launch, an emergency session of the Security Council has been called (Mars and Saturn). Russia and China are both calling for restraint on pushing for punitive measures (Saturn again). The US President has called the rocket launch a security threat both near and far. (Mars and Saturn)

When looking at events astrologically, it is important to consider how the movements of all of the planets portray the themes currently in motion here on Earth. I've taken the mid-day chart for the day Mars first entered Pisces on 3/15 and interpreted it below. In the 'Astro-Speak' section farther down, I've given the technical chart placements from which I've drawn these meanings.

Venus: The Mars-month theme involves presenting money-plans on the world stage and fostering a general spirit of cooperation and friendship. The period ends (4/22) in the desperate attempt to make things work in the financial world of loans and banking and people's pocketbooks. The G20 meeting in Strasbourg, France happens during this time, at which world leaders pledge cooperation and discuss national interest issues that they agree and disagree on. The war on terrorism in Afghanistan is also on the agenda, and token cooperation is offered. Efforts are made to give significance to token contributions by the Europeans. (This is definitely a Venusian effort.)

Mars: multinational diplomacy is prominent while Mars is in the 9th. Troublemaking on the world stage happens when Mars opposes Saturn and conjoins Uranus. (North Korea launches a rocket and attracts a lot of attention related to national security in the US, Russia, South Korea, and Japan.) When Mars joins Venus in the 8th in its last days in Pisces, frantic behind-the-scenes efforts occur to shore up the banking system, but indecisiveness seems to mark the day. Major and minor details get missed, with consequences.

North-South Node in 8th-2nd houses. Money issues are a big concern across the board. South Node in the second: a lot of people lose a lot of money. (The stock market rallies during this time, but from deep lows.) There is a lot of talk of coming inflation and possible hyper-inflation, and hard assets including gold and silver become attractive to investors and others. (Inflation saps the value of people's cash wealth, and hyper-inflation destroys it.) North Node in the 8th: important lessons are being learned in the financial sector. Regulatory agencies are becoming prominent and are being mandated with a bigger role in finance, including obscure investment instruments. Secret bank havens are losing their 'secret' status.

Pluto in the 6th house: big changes in the workplace. Dark power is being exercised here, resulting in extraordinary numbers of people being laid off. Fear and restructuring occur in the work place. (Just today, I learned that many small companies in Southern California are contracting - with some moving their offices to their garages, and putting off work orders. Pluto is represented by the phoenix that dies and later rises reborn from the ashes. We seem to still be in the 'death' phase of money making efforts, with the 'rebirth' phase still ahead of us.

Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius in the 8th house, with Chiron between them: Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, couldn't be positioned better in these difficult times than by being between Jupiter and Neptune, the planets of optimism and fantastic dreams. From these planets come the themes of wisdom, empathy and compassion, and touching the divine. Healing efforts tend to be really big (Jupiter), and significant changes mystically and/or mysteriously occur over long periods of time (Neptune). Both of these planets rule Pisces, where the subject of our talk, Mars, resides this time period, so from here is sourced the germ of our interpretations.
Big big money is being spent to fix our financial system. Novel and experimental approaches are being tried based on the experts' current understanding of previous systemic banking failures. Hope and optimism are being broadcast (Obama on the national and world stage, CEOs stating that their banking companies are profitable lately). Structures built on flimsy or unreliable financial underpinnings are being washed or melted away (Neptune), clearing the slate for new companies, ventures, and financing practices. All of this happens for the good of all (Aquarius) while individual misfortunes are considered a necessary sacrifice to support the transition (again, Aquarius). No emotionality here!

Finally, Uranus. Uranus is the planet of exquisite focus. When themes are accentuated with Uranus' touch, nothing but perfection is satisfactory, and perfection is usually impossible to achieve! Mars conjoining Uranus conveys the perfect expressions of action, effort, individual assertion, focused anger, and the use of sharp objects for achieving purposes (watch out for knives and spears, guns and guided missiles!) It's no surprise, given this aspect, that North Korea launched a long-range rocket over Japan, its enemy, and without Japan's agreement! Individuals with any planets near 23-24 degrees of any sign (and especially Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius) should be especially careful on April 13th - 15th, since on these days, accidents involving piercings are more possible than usual. Stay extra alert on these days, and listen and heed your intuitions. Uranus is also a planet of intuition, and will provide subtle warnings in advance of any potential accidents. Take early avoidance measures if so drawn! On the international level, we have seen and can anticipate more of bombings, shootings, revenges, and retaliations to appear in the news for the few weeks in advance of mid-April.

Back to Mars in Pisces.

Nearly everyone is affected by the actions of Mars in Pisces during the 3/15 to 4/22 period in 2009. If you know your chart, and would like to share how its influences have seemed to manifest in your life, feel free to write me at RichardG@TheAstrologyStudio.com. I would love to read about it. And if you don't know your chart, and would like some insights on how Mars in soft, fanciful, dreamy, and hidden Pisces is affecting your life these days, feel free to write me for a reading. I offer mini-readings and full natal and predictive readings, which you can read about and order on my 'Buy Reports' page.

Coming soon! A discussion of Mars in Aries from 4/22/2009 to 5/31/2009. Contact me through my 'Buy Reports' page if you'd like to know what's in store for you during this passionate, Mars-crazy time!

Also coming is an update on events that occurred during the Mars-in-Pisces period, after it is all over, and, as best I can, what it means going forward. Pisces is the 'end' of the cycle, Aries is the beginning. Active Mars' transit of Pisces completes its 2 year movement through the zodiac. This time period should reflect the wrap-up of themes that played out during the last two years, and it should also hint at themes that we can expect to see during the next cycle.

Yours in friendship and increasing astrological understanding,
Richard G

Technical Astro-speak (ignore this section if it seems alien to you.)

Mars in Pisces from 3/15/2009 - 4/22/2009. Mars moves about 47 minutes of a degree a day these weeks. Mars in Aries from 4/22/2009 to May 31, 2009.

Key aspects during this time:
Mars in Pisces: sextile Pluto at 3 Capricorn, Oppose Saturn at 16 Virgo, conjunct Uranus at 23 Pisces,
Mars in Aries: Conjunct Venus around 2 Aries, square Pluto at 3 Aries, Sextile Jupiter, then Chiron, then Neptune all between 24 and 26 Aquarius, trine Lillith at 18 Sagittarius, trine the South Node at 4 Leo,

Significant charts defining the Mars in Pisces period:
3/15/2009: Mars enters Pisces. (Chart of Sun at MidHeaven)
10th: Venus at 13 Aries 9th: Mars, Mercury, Part of Fortune, Uranus in Pisces 8th: North Node, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune in Aquarius
6th: Pluto, Lillith in Capricorn 5th: Moon at 22 Scorpio, Vertex in Sagittarius 3rd: Saturn at 17 Virgo Rx

4/22/2009: Mars exits Pisces. (Chart of Sun at MidHeaven)
10th: Mercury at 22 Taurus. 9th: Moon at 2 Aries 8th: Mars in Aries, Venus and Uranus in Pisces. 7th: Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune in Aquarius
6th: North Node in Aquarius 5th: Vertex and Lillith in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn 2nd: Saturn at 15 Virgo Rx

Planet-house changes:
Moon moves from 5th to 9th (so to speak)
Mercury moves from 9th to 10th Venus moves Rx from 10th to 8th Mars moves from 9th to 8th
Jupiter moves from 8th to 7th Saturn moves from 3rd to 2nd Uranus moves from 9th to 8th
Neptune moves from 8th to 7th Pluto moves from 6th to 5th.