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Blog for the Spring Equinox 2010

Qualities of the Spring Equinox

Hello all,
I wanted to talk about the Spring Equinox of 210 a bit and consider out loud what kinds of experiences we might expect around this time. As you may know, the equinox is the start of the astrological year, with the Sun at Zero Aries, the so-called 'Aries Point' The Aries Point has been known as the point of fame and public knowledge.This year, some planetary alignments stand out as active, quirky, and accident-prone to the foolish.

For the technically minded:

Sun conjunct Uranus (with the recent New Moon within one degree orb of Uranus!)
Sun trine Mars (which just turned direct.)
Moon Sextile Uranus and square Neptune.
Mercury square Pluto.

Sun conjunct Uranus (with the New Moon emphasis): this gives this time period it's quirkiness. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and revolution, as well as ingenuity and intuition. People carrying the 'light of knowledge' may be more apparent at this time. Other people's bright ideas may get them into trouble at this time - given that...

Sun trine Mars: this is a VERY action oriented time period, time to enjoy activities that indulge your passions! Some people are prone to rash and impulsive actions. Keep actions arising out of anger and resentments in check. Especially since ...

Mercury square Pluto: power and resentment issues could come to the fore here, especially since they are on our minds lately. Use your more intense mental capabilities to come up with solutions and get overdue work done. Feel powerful by becoming better at something, or by doing something that you are good at. Try not to spend much time venting about what you can't stand about certain irritating situations...

Moon sextile Uranus and square Neptune: feeling sensitive and stand-offish lately? Then you may be under the action of this moon. Use this time to reflect on your life, to understand what you are feeling about your current situations, and to get a clear picture of what your ideals are. Don't let the fog of past expectations - both yours and others, cloud these reflections. Only by genuinely articulating to yourself in words, mental pictures, and feelings where and who you are in life now will you be able to faithfully determine your most appropriate next steps to finding your new and ongoing joys.

Last week's sky blog concerned the action of Neptune on Aquarians over the past decade and a half. This discussion will be continued, since it is such a mystery! to see last week's blog, click here.