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Sky Blog for Feb 22, 2010 - on Neptune

Currently, it's only in the daytime sky that the planet NEPTUNE shows in the sky, and since it's so bright outside, it's impossible to view the planet even with a telescope. We'd have to wait until probably the end of June to begin to see it in the night time sky at an observatory. Neptune is in Aquarius now, and has been and will be in this sign from it's first foray in late January of 1998 until its final retrograde return in early February of 2012. During this time, Neptune has traversed all 30 degrees of the sign of Aquarius, so that everyone with a birthday in Aquarius was touched by this planet of glamour, deception, and perfectionist yearnings. And not just touched; it would be fair to say that its strongest influence extended for at least 6 months on each side of the exact alignment of Neptune to the Sun (and other Aquarian planets.)

There is some reason to be 'scared' or 'concerned' about this planet's influence on such an important point in the chart as the Sun (or the Moon, for that matter.) Neptune is associated with loss and deceptions, and, being the ruler of Pisces and the natural 12th house, it can also be associated with self-sabotage, self-undoing, and health issues. Of course, these are external effects, and so can always be associated with internal processes (as above, so below; the outer world is a reflection of our inner realities).

So how has Neptune manifested its influence in your life? This is a point to ponder. In a later post, I'll list the dates of influence for each birthday during Aquarius. In the meantime, here are some hints as to how Neptune influences interact with peoples' lives.

1) greater artistic expression
2) more dreaminess
3) greater unfocusedness - inability to express, or not being seen by others
4) greater sensitivity and/or vulnerability
5) people seeing you more glamourously, rather than seeing who you really are
6) more influence or activity in the liquid commodity spheres (such as oil and gas, or other commodities from underground)
7) the ocean, seas, or other water bodies has a greater influence in your life (loved one joined the navy, etc.)
8) greater use of drugs and alcohol, either personally, or around others who do.
9) heightened sense of spirituality
10) consciousness seems more vague
11) increased divine inspiration - either mental or through your creative expressions in any sphere of activity
12) greater involvement with hospitals or prisons - from a sacrificial viewpoint, or a victimized viewpoint
13) confusion in your career activities. either there were big efforts on your part to bring structure to the confusion, or there was a weakening of focus on your career activities.
14) Potentially, there was an engagement in activities that enabled you to reach out to a large group of people, somewhat in politician style, or for political purposes, on some level. Selfless service to a large number of people.

(And why am I so interested in this topic? Why, I have the Sun at the 29th degree of Aquarius! So Neptune's influence on my Sun is just beginning to be felt in my life!)