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Venus - Of Love and Money


In a couple of hours, the transiting Moon will be opposite to my natal Venus, while Mercury in the sky trines it. How exciting for me! What good luck may be in store for me?

Venus in a person's chart rules all to do with love, money, beauty, socializing, friends, and desire. That's not to say that other influences in the chart don't have a say in these matters. Venus provides the dominant voice, shows the dominant themes, illustrates the predominant qualities when it comes to love and money.

For fun, I want to talk about my own chart. Why am I so excited about Venus now? Venus rules the 2nd house of money, and the 9th house of foreign travel in my chart. It squares Jupiter, and is inconjunct to Pluto. Also, it is at 0 degrees of Aquarius in the 5th house. My Venus wants to play and indulge! And it needs and wants a lot of money to do it!

One of the ways that I am humoring Venus (or honoring her) is by buying lotto tickets for several weeks of draws each time a helpful aspect to Venus (and Jupiter) occurs. This is coming up for me in the next hour!!! So this write-up won't be long!

You are probably wondering about my love life. Let's just say that it's rich, and wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better, more sensitive and responsive partner. For now, things are wonderful. Sadly, in a couple of weeks, she is leaving for overseasfor three months. So, whatever will I do? Let's see how Venus manifests in this circumstance.

Keep watching if you'd like to see whether my attentiveness to the cycles of sky aspects to Venus in my chart turns into anything magical - like a money windfall or something. And contact me if you'd like to join in this experiment and try to take advantage of the lucky Venus cycles in your life, as shown by your chart!