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    Highlighted News Headlines for 2013  
    * Demonstrators march in Beverly Hills on July 17, 2013 to protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing  
    * It was more classic courtroom drama that made the Jodi Arias trial (No. 1) the most-searched news story on Yahoo, May 13 she was found guilty of murder.  
    * After years of judicial, political and budget challenges, the Affordable Care Act, more often referred to as Obamacare (No. 2), was due to launch, but not before opponents sunk their teeth two more times: first by tying the debt ceiling vote to defunding the Affordable Care Act, then investigating the beleaguered launch of the national site,  
    * A different kind of debate about government involvement raged around Syria, based on chemical attack in August. Despite reports of chemical weapons, polls showed Americans shied away from military involvement and offered skeptical support for diplomacy in Syria. With more than 100,000 dead and nearly 9 million refugees, peace talks might at last begin in Jan. 22.  
    * On Feb. 11, Pope Benedict XVI decided to call it quits in Latin, of course. The announcement sent the Vatican scrambling to find a replacements and armchair historians in a tizzy. (First time in 598 years! What do you call a retired pope! Can he even do this!). New Pope on March 13.  
    * For those who feast on fairy tales, the royal baby was that "happily ever after" for the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge. Born on July 22  
    * Americans observed the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech  
    * On Patriot's Day, April 15, more than 23,000 Boston Marathon runners wended through the historic city. Two brothers, whose family immigrated to Massachusetts in 2002, allegedly set down a backpack near the finish line. Homemade bombs created from pressure cookers exploded, ultimately killing three and injuring 264. Then, on April 17, explosion at a fertilizer plant in West Texas killed 15 people.  
    * Top 10 News stories  
    1. Jodi Arias trial  
    2. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act)  
    3. Boston Marathon bombing  
    4. Royal baby birth  
    5. George Zimmerman trial  
    6. Syria civil war  
    7. North Korea missile threats  
    8. Papal transition  
    9. Death of Nelson Mandela on Dec 5  
    10. Paula Deen lawsuit  
    * July 6 fatal air crash in San Francisco - Boeing 777 - killed 3 Chinese  
    * Nov 30 fatal car crash - Fast and Furious actor  
    * March - Hugo Chavez died  
    * June 15 - 'NorthWest' born to Kim Kardashian and Kanya West.  
    * Steve Martin - first time dad at age 67  
    * Halle Berry - gave birth at 47  
    * baby pandas born July 15 in Atlanta Zoo  
    * viral videos  
    * June 26 - landmark Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage  
    * Dishonor Roll: Justin Bieber and Paula Deen, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Anthony Weiner - NY mayoral candidate, Russia - winter olympics - anti-gay laws  
    * Social media: pope signs onto twitter, first time; terrorist attack in Kenya; Boston Marathon suspects search; football star's phantom girlfriend; selfies; Edward Snowden  
    * Horrid weather: Nov8 typhoon in Philippines 5000 people died; May 20 tornadoes in Oklahoma 18 died; Nov - 81 tornadoes in 6 states; June 30 wildfire in Arizona 10 firefighters died.  
    * new fads: new words, cronuts, Candy Crush FB game  
    * Politics: botched ACA rollout; USA govt shutdown; Ted Cruz, Christie, Dennis Rodman visits N Korea dictator  
    * Heroes  
    * Stars: Kerry Washington; Miley Cyrus; Grumpy Cat; Duck Dynasty cast; Robby Novak: kid president