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large product photo   Natal Horoscope Reading - in Person

Using the birth and predictive charts, Richard discusses with you your current life themes and events that the chart suggests are coming up. With this information, the discussion may turn to finding answers to some of the questions that are troubling you. Great for expanding your self-knowledge, for gaining confidence in your life path, and for hearing event predictions for you that the transits sometimes indicate. This reading is done either in-person or over Skype with video.

To contact Richard for a reading, send him a message via the CONTACT page.

Price: $75 for a 60-90 minute reading


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Astrology by Email - Personalized predictions for the next three months.

Explore what life has in store for you for the next three months. In this emailed reading, current planetary placements are compared with the natal horoscope and progressed charts. Important themes for the next three months are discussed, and if indicated by the transits, important events are also predicted. The fee for this service is $60.00. Many people ask again and again for this service, it has a lot of value for them. If there is an important lucky or powerful time coming up for you, this is a great way to be aware of it and to prepare for it.

To contact Richard for email readings, send him a message via the CONTACT page. Be sure to include your email address, since this is how he will respond to you.