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The Sun enters Aquarius - January 20, 2011

The Solar Aquarius Ingress in the U.S. Mountain States.

During the time that the Sun is in Aquarius, (January 20th - February 18), there is a lot of emphasis on money, possessions, and values, as well as expansive and possibly optimistic yet strange and nervous emotional experiences in the home. Career restrictions occur, these can appear as a slowing down of personal involvement at work. Insecurities around debt and shared resources are themes this month, too. Certainly, the most important areas of consideration this month are around money and values. These can manifest in several different ways, including:
- Material breakdowns, dark thinking, and uninhibited anger can cause a literal price to be paid, impacting one's cashflow and even one's net worth.
- Transformational thinking, such as through self-help or focused intentions, can inspire one to take actions that affect one's material well-being and sense of personal value.
- External influences outside of our control may cause us to become protective of our resources - such as the threat of losing one's livelihood due to the faltering economy.
- Attempts at creating or simulating greater self-esteem by acting and speaking provocatively.
- Deep thought and impactful words move one to actions that promote a great cause.

A great example of some of these mentioned influences is the large protest movement in Egypt that has been occurring for several days already. Certainly hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets based on the deeply-held hope that their leadership would change, that the country's president, Mubarak, would step down. And Mubarak, who is a linchpin leader in the Middle East, is doing what he can to preserve his government in the face of the large crowds calling for his removal. Now, although the chart houses for the Sun entering Aquarius in Egypt are different from the placements for Denver, yet we in Denver are witness to the momentous calls for change over there. (In Alexandria, Egypt, the Sun entering Aquarius occurred in the late 9th house.) Because we are a witness to these changes, then this significant event is an applicable chart theme for us, too.

Additional influences in the Aquarius ingress chart:

North Node in the 1st house:
For some of us, great personal sufferance is required. We may be called upon to patiently suffer through a cold calculus of public rebalancing, such as job loss or re-alignment, or find our public activities restricted somehow. This doesn't apply to everyone, but if you are experiencing it, then you understand! Some people call this character building. In some sense, it teaches us what we are capable of living through and even rising above. These are probably blessings in disguise, deserving of reflection at a much later date.

Venus in the 1st house:
For some of us, the Aquarian month is a month of personal charm and socializing. Lots of talk and chatter and philosophizing are indicated. Have fun!

Jupiter and Uranus in the 4th house, Jupiter at the 29th degree of Pisces:
'Strange water in the home' is an important theme this month. Nervous emotions can be large and get out of hand, with an emphasis on the sense of loss and martyrdom. We can either experience this ourselves or be at the receiving end of someone suffering this emotional imbalance. Whether it is yourself or others, it is important to nurture ourselves by reaching out for help and being patient with ourselves through it all. Just because we express a tantrum of nervousness and panic about a situation doesn't mean that the situation will resolve itself as a result of the outburst. With this chart placement, the circumstances will probably get worse if too much emotion and negative thinking is applied to it! So find your own way to reach out to Divine Providence to help with your difficulties. This period will pass.

Moon in Leo in the 8th house:
The need to play in close personal relationships is also indicated in the chart. Find ways to play and be creative with others, and satisfy these longings!


The New Moon occurs in Aquarius this month on February 2 at 7:30PM.

Technicalities: At the time of the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct at the beginning of the 6th house and are conjunct Mars and trine Saturn in the 2nd. Neptune is also in the 6th house. At the same time, the following other significant aspects occurred:

  • Jupiter has moved into Aries, and is in a separating conjunction to Uranus in the 7th.
  • The Nodes are at 0 Capricorn and are on the verge of moving into Sagittarius. They are in the 4th and 10th houses.
  • The Ascendent is at 10 Virgo
  • Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus are all at 27-28 degrees of consecutive signs ranging from Sagittarius to Pisces.
  • Venus conjunct North Node in the 4th house, with Pluto nearby.

New Moon Discussion Points:

  • Emphasis on this New Moon is on work and health, with action being taken to restore imbalances and also to take a look at the propriety of any drugs or vitamens or even alcohol that is being taken in.
  • There may be a sense of loss regarding work or health issues, but these may just be a reordering of priorities to let stand those activities/practices/regimens that can last.
    • The losses or re-structuring can be instigated with the input of money troubles, and/or a mundane and hardnosed consideration of personal values.
  • New Moon influences can be noticed from a week before to two weeks after the actual New Moon.
  • Progressiveness and/or rebelliousness is the order of this time period.
    • The progressive/rebellious tendencies can have repercussions at home, in creative efforts, at work, and on long term partnerships (both business and marriage). There may also be military involvement.


The Full Moon occurs in Aquarius this month on February 18 at 1:35AM.

Technicalities: At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Leo, both in the 29th degree - the degree of urgency. The Sun is conjunct Neptune, Mars, and Mercury, is trine the South Node, and is sextile the North Node. The solar conjunction occurs in the 3rd house of neighbors, writings, and local travel. At the same time, the following other significant aspects occurred:

  • The North Node has moved into Sagittarius (finally).
  • Jupiter squares Pluto and trines the Ascendant
  • Uranus in the 4th semi-sextiles the Sun and quincunxes the Moon.
  • Venus in the 2nd tightly squares Saturn in the 10th. They are in mutual reception.
  • Pluto is on the cusp of the 2nd house.

Full Moon Discussion Points:

  • Themes that are highlighted during this time include an overload of fantasy or delusional storytelling that is meant to look smart and convincing, but could come across as un-earthly and pushy. Lots of action and many words are applied to these efforts.
    • There appears to be the sense that this is being done to 'save ourselves' within one or more partnerships.
  • Some people may feel a sense of optimism about changes that are occurring in their home, and some will just suffer through big changes in their home and family life.
  • A lot of sensibility and practicality is applied towards organizing and perhaps re-organizing money affairs.
  • Desires and enjoyments tend to be more on the mundane and earthy side.
  • There is some urgency around philosophical pursuits.
  • The acting out of themes related to security and nurturing come up regarding foreigners or foreign lands and travel.

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