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The September Full Moon is on September 19, 2013 at 5:12 AM MST.
The Sun-Moon axis is at 26 degrees and 41 minutes of Virgo and Pisces.      

  Stepping up to our evolution...

Two 'challenge' features really stand out in the September Full Moon horoscope: The Jupiter-Mercury square at 16 Cancer and Libra, and the North Node-Saturn-Venus conjunction at 8-9 Scorpio. The Jupiter-Mercury square is the triggering feature of a grand cross with the long-running Uranus-Pluto square. (although the aspect from Jupiter-Mercury to Pluto is too wide to be considered by itself, Uranus brings Pluto into play in this aspect.) The Saturn-North Node-Venus conjunction is a several-week influence that requires our 'stepping up' concerning practical matters and difficulties. Pluto exactly sextiles the North Node conjunction, indicating a linkage and a 'working together' between the two influences.

What does it all mean?

The North Node and Saturn both represent life-long lessons, although the orientation of each is different.

The Nodal axis represents our intersections with society, with masses of people, with destiny, to what we are leaving behind (karma and useless behaviors) and to 'where we are going' in light of external forces and influences.

Saturn represents our seriousness in the execution of our daily living, it is our taskmaster. There is no joy in Saturn's realm, it's all about executing responsibilities, paying consequences, and dealing with limitations. Saturn is also about our growing awareness of what our tasks and responsibilities really are and about our more skillful execution of them, with its attendant good results. Think of the craftsman that starts out as an apprentice and can do only the most simple things, but after long learning with mentors and years of practice at his craft, usually in the service of others, he becomes a master craftsman and a mentor himself. Woe to the apprentice or mid-level craftsman that doesn't pay enough attention to his work. How many carpenters bruise their thumbs with a big hammer or worse, how many of the old-time metalsmiths have caused themselves serious injury by being too hasty with dangerous and hot tools? This is all Saturn in action: experiencing consequences due to not enough seriousness and attention both to the tasks at hand and to the natural limits in our existence.

So, the Saturn-North Node conjunction at the Full Moon has everything to do with learning important lessons especially related to primary responsibilities, lessons regarding consequences related to those past responsibilities that we may not have taken seriously enough, or to past efforts where we may have achieved, but where we now realize we need to do better. The external world and the people we interact with are important contributors to these lessons and the consequences that characterize this time. (The Jupiter grand cross is discussed below.)

Lunar Perspective:

Normally I write about the Full Moon chart from the perspective of the Sun on the Ascendant. This month, I'll write from two perspectives: Sun on Ascendant and Moon on Ascendant. The latter is a curious approach that addresses our inner world and our intimate relations with self and others.

The Moon is at 26 Pisces at the Full Moon, giving the entire chart a Piscean feel. Vulnerability, flowingness, the fighting of the urge to flee at the slightest threat or provocation, aesthetic softness, and feminine character are all aspects of this full moon theme. Being in touch with whatever expresses our emotional ebbs and flows, be they music, poetry, visual art form, dance, writing, or other crafted and aesthetically appealing experience, is an integrated and mature way to live out the Piscean essence of this time.

Interwoven into this Piscean impressionableness are themes of individuation and transformation of self and career, and our relying on our greatest talents and skills for creating and managing our money, assets, and resources. Exuberant and maybe over-optimistic communication centered around creating beauty and balance in relationships is another theme, as is the doing of the hard work of formulating, executing, and achieving our highest life lessons and life purposes, especially as it concerns our heart's desires and the deepest qualities of our relations with others.

The forces of individuation and personal transformation that arise from our inner drives have at their core a growing awareness of how we are impulsive and acting in a less evolved way. Observing how our impulses perhaps detract from our reputation and from the roles we aspire to perform well in the outer world gives us the opportunity to grow and evolve those behavior patterns that are ready to make a quantum leap. This growth helps to us to step up to increased leadership and mastery in our own spheres of activity and influence.

Cancer people figure prominently in our lives these days. (Cancer the sign, that is.) These often-reserved people will tend to be more communicative, since they are feeling the need to relate with others more verbally. For some of them, this isn't easy, but it will have its rewards. For others of us, this is a time to embrace others as family by exchanging verbal and written pleasantries, charm, small talk, shared positiveness, and emotional connectedness. Our level of ability and our success in doing this feed directly into our questing for personal growth and evolution. In other words, our skill and ability in open-heartedly seeing and embracing our circle of relations mirror for us our level of personal development, and expose what's next for us to work on.

For several weeks previous and coming, many experiences of deep import have spurred us to 'step up' in our expressions and actions and re-evaluate past attitudes and actions in light of current developments. Deaths, severe financial troubles or asset risk due to debt or realized contractual liabilities, intimacy difficulties that come to a head (relational and physical), or family and friend difficulties have us reaching for ways to cope with loss, grief, and challenge, and have us working to improve our responses and our generation of solutions and remedies. Our heart's desires are tied up in this, and help from the outside is available to us, especially from women and from others who influence powerfully.

This is a time when severe natural, governmental, or corporate forces and influences can ravage our personal resources. However, most of us are well-supported and empowered at this time to rebuild or build upon what we have created for ourselves.

Solar perspective:

A review of the Sun-on-Ascendant chart reveals outer effects of the themes and forces at work in our lives.

The Sun in the Full Moon chart is at 26 Virgo, which represents energy directed towards attention to detail, humility, service to others, the analytical eye and its resultant expressions (whether through crafting or criticism), and a managerial spirit.

Venus-Saturn-North Node in Scorpio in the 2nd house: The learning of major, difficult lessons around values and resources (assets). Loss is possible, or hard work may be needed to keep what is owned. There may be desire to reduce one's possessions. Practical concerns regarding one's possessions and resources are paramount and need to be dealt with from a more elevated perspective than usual, especially as it concerns how much one needs to control what is owned. Can a more heart-centered approach to managing one's assets be achieved? Expert advice could be warranted.

Grand Cross: The ongoing Uranus-Pluto square squares Mercury and Jupiter. All of the cardinal signs are populated by these planets. (Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer) This grand cross was more strongly in force about a week earlier than the Full Moon, although it is continuing. Anyone with planets in cardinal signs between 8 and 16 degrees is under stress and potentially difficult change, transformation, and/or transition, some sudden. Significant others (spouses, business partners, and the like, also open enemies) will seem smart and clever, and may execute surprising actions. These can cause drama and significant tension either on the home front or internally (psychologically). Taking the old, easy way out regarding shared resources (or new pooling of resources) can seem like a natural solution, although this can result in negative consequences later. This could be a way of deferring significant difficulties and potential crises. Problems and crises on the home front can contribute to the squeeze on personal resources, requiring more careful management, which is doable.

Neptune conjunct Chiron in the 6th: it can be hard to pay enough attention at work, media distractions and fears and water concerns can pull one's attention away from the tasks at hand. New medical difficulties can arise, requiring attention that may be difficult to receive or manage.

Jupiter square Mercury, Mercury sextile Mars, grand cross: Too much talking and exuberant playfulness can actually help on the work front by imparting a feeling of 'family' to the team. Not everyone may be on board with that, however. On the other hand, family concerns or crises may need to be dealt with, making it a priority over work and career temporarily.

Significant organizational shifts are occurring by bold new leadership actions, such that communities are reorganized and structured in improved, positive ways, potentially creating empowerment. There is a lot of energy in the chart supporting such actions, generally portending positive outcomes.


In a rather rare coincidence, three consecutive Full Moons have fallen directly on planets in my natal chart. The July Full Moon had the Moon conjunct natal Venus; the August Full Moon had the Moon conjunct my natal Sun, and the September Full Moon has the Sun at my natal Ascendant. Considering that there are 360 degrees in the chart, and only ten representing personal horoscope planets, and considering that the Sun and Moon only occupy two of these 360 degrees only twelve times a year, I thought this would be worth mentioning here.

The past two and a half months have been a time of significant personal and psychological growth for me, little victories, new ventures, and thankfully, no major changes. I've dealt with deep anxieties and shame, found allies in the healing arts to help me progress beyond these, and have restarted in earnest a couple of dormant hobbies of mine (piano practice and gold prospecting). The aspects could have been read as portending major structural changes (and blowups) in my life. Thankfully things didn't happen that way.

Major planet movements during September 2013.         

* The month starts off with the Sun in Virgo, and ends it with the Sun in Libra. The Sun moves into Libra on September 22, at 2:44 PM MST in Denver, Colorado.

* Saturn spends the entire month of September between 5 and 7 degrees of Scorpio. Saturn stationed direct at 4 Scorpio 49 on July 9th.

Saturn represents the taskmaster and teacher influences in our lives. When Saturn is active, we are held more accountable, and suffer consequences for ignoring needs and responsibilities. We are called to take stock of our lives and make changes oriented towards efficiency and practicality. However, where we have been diligent, Saturn provides us with respectability and a good reputation. Saturn can make us more serious emotionally, or even depressed. We can also find ourselves taking pride in our achievements when the time is appropriate. It's a good time to focus on consciously appreciating what brings us joy and cheer.

    * Sun aspects to Saturn during September: sextile on September 1

    * Major Moon aspects to Saturn during September: square on Sept 3, conjunct on Sept 10, square on Sept 16, trine on Sept 18, oppose on Sept 23, trine on Sept 28

* Uranus spends the month in retrograde motion between 11 and 10 degrees of Aries. (Uranus stationed retrograde at 12 Aries 31 on July 18th.)

Uranus in Aries represents fiery change, where enthusiasms and energy are expressed in a fiery manner. Increasing independence, tendency towards rebelliousness and revolution, and amazing insights and inventions are some of the themes indicated by Uranus. The current rash of shootings, rebellions, and agitation for change worldwide all suggest Uranus' influence.

Uranus is in square aspect to Pluto between 2011 and 2015 continuously. Aspects from the planets to Uranus and/or Pluto trigger this combination. Pluto intensifies Uranus' themes, adding elements of crisis and gravity to situations.

    * Sun aspects to Uranus during September: quincunx on Sept 4

    * Major Moon aspects to Uranus during September: trine on Sept 3, opposition on Sept 8, trine on Sept 12, square on Sept 14, conjunct on Sept 21, trine on Sept 30

* Neptune spends the month in retrograde motion at 3 degrees of Pisces, its home sign.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions, and of the need to seek for clarity. Sometimes Neptune makes it easier for us to reach to the divine. Certain positions of Neptune when compared to the natal chart also indicate emotional vulnerability and a strong artistic bent. On a worldly level, Neptune supports themes of watery events and catastrophes, as well as oil finds.

Neptune is in a trine aspect with Saturn in water signs for several months, which enhances both positive and negative aspects related to watery and emotional events and the loosening and/or weakening of structures. Dreams and ideals can be articulated more easily as well. Days when the Sun or Moon are aspecting Neptune or Saturn are days when the Saturn-Neptune trine is triggered.

    * Sun aspects to Neptune during September: quincunx on Sept 26.

    * Major Moon aspects to Neptune during September: opposition on Sept 5, trine on Sept 9, square on Sept 12, conjunct on Sept 18, square on Sept 25, trine on Sept 27.

* Pluto spends the month in retrograde motion at 9 degrees of Capricorn. (It will station direct at 9 degrees of Capricorn on September 21, just before the equinox, adding more portent to this time.)

Pluto is the planet of transformation, chaos, resentments, and empowerment. Power struggles with others or within oneself are often indicative of Pluto's touch. Increasing governmental impacts are also indicated by Pluto. Extreme overturning of the status quo is also represented by Pluto.

Currently, Pluto is in a multi-year square with Uranus. Uranus adds the element of surprise and unexpected turns of events to the crisis themes that Pluto can represent. Dates when the Sun or Moon are aspecting either Pluto or Uranus are triggering this square. During these times, expect to witness violent and sudden change and revolution on many levels, geological, social, governmental, economic, and even scientific inventiveness and musical breakthroughs.

    * Sun aspects to Pluto during September: trine on Sept 1

    * Major Moon aspects to Pluto during September: trine on Sept 5, square on Sept 8, conjunct on Sept 14, square on Sept 20, trine on Sept 23, opposition on Sept 28.

* Jupiter spends the month between 14 and 18 degrees of Cancer.

Jupiter is expansiveness, often indicates optimism and grandness, and represents teaching and philosophy. Jupiter is considered to be a beneficial planet, the 'Santa Claus' of the zodiac. However, all may not always be happiness, because Jupiter also expands negative influences when it is aspecting difficult planetary configurations.

    * Sun aspects to Jupiter during September: sextile on Sept 7,8

    * Major Moon aspects to Jupiter during September: conjunct on Sept 1, square on Sept 8, trine on Sept 10, opposition on Sept 15, trine on Sept 19, square on Sept 21, conjunct on Sept 28.

To see horoscope views of the transits during the month, click on the 'Transit Charts' link on the upper left side of this page. Then choose a date close to one you're interested in and enjoy!

* A note about aspects:
    * Challenging aspects are squares, oppositions,quincunxes, and some conjunctions (aka conjoins). During these times, life can be more difficult. Obstacles arise, tensions develop, and the driving need for action and solutions is a strong motivator.
    * Flowing and easy aspects include trines, sextiles, and some conjunctions. During these times, relationships and activities just seem to work - for better or worse. A happy time is made happier by these aspects, a difficult time can be even more difficult if the energies support it! But generally trines and conjunctions strengthen the themes of current relationships or activities and help gifts to unfold within them. At these times it is helpful to us to recognize these gifts as they manifest!

Would you like to see how your natal chart compares to these planetary placements? Contact me for an astrology reading. It's a great way to learn how the planets are affecting your natal chart and your life!

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When you meditate in silence, put all your cares to one side and concentrate on Light as though everything depended on it, as though your very life depended on it. . . Do this every day, several times a day. As soon as you have a few spare minutes, concentrate your thought on Light, rest in Light, melt into Light, soak yourself in Light and picture the whole universe bathed in Light . . . Little by little, as you do this, you will find that all the elements of your being begin to fall into place, that this Light is bringing you true knowledge, lasting peace, inner balance and power.

from the Celtic Spirit Newsletter, Beltane, 2013
by Mara Freeman and Chalice Centre


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Handy Transits List for September

Date   Sun   Moon

Sept 1 Sun in Virgo
 Sun sextile Saturn
 Sun trine Pluto
 Moon square Neptune
 Moon conjunct Jupiter

Sept 2  

Sept 3  Moon square Saturn
 Moon trine Uranus

Sept 4 Sun quincunx Uranus 

Sept 5  Moon oppose Neptune
 Moon trine Pluto

Sept 6  

Sept 7 Sun sextile Jupiter 

Sept 8 Sun sextile Jupiter Moon oppose Uranus
 Moon square Pluto
 Moon square Jupiter

Sept 9  Moon trine Neptune

Sept 10  Moon conjunct Saturn
 Moon trine Jupiter

Sept 11  

Sept 12  Moon trine Uranus
 Moon square Neptune

Sept 13  

Sept 14  Moon square Uranus
 Moon conjunct Pluto

Sept 15  Moon oppose Jupiter

Sept 16  Moon square Saturn

Sept 17  

Sept 18  Moon trine Saturn
 Moon conjunct Neptune

Sept 19  Moon trine Jupiter

Sept 20  Moon square Pluto

Sept 21  Moon conjunct Uranus
 Moon square Jupiter

Sept 22 Sun enters Libra 

Sept 23  Moon oppose Saturn
 Moon trine Pluto

Sept 24  

Sept 25  Moon square Neptune

Sept 26 Sun quincunx Neptune 

Sept 27  Moon trine Neptune

Sept 28  Moon trine Saturn
 Moon oppose Pluto
 Moon conjunct Jupiter

Sept 29  

Sept 30  Moon trine Uranus