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The October Full Moon is on October 18, 2013 at 5:37 PM MST.
The Sun-Moon axis is at 25 degrees and 45 minutes of Libra and Aries. See horoscope.      

  Unanswerable questions...

A stand-out, central quality of the Full Moon horoscope is the Saturn-North Node-Mercury conjunction, and the aspects that moderate it. The Saturn-North Node conjunction has extended from August through October, and ends during the first week of November 2013. During this time we've been learning lessons about taking responsibility, about being serious about learning, facing fears and failings, seeking deeper knowledge, and being called to witness the qualities of the current time from an emotional feeling-sense perspective. This has not been a happy aspect, yet it has been a major growth aspect. This also encompasses learning about limitations and boundaries, about working through sadness and failure and loss, about learning lessons concerning responsibility and accountability. These are lessons that continually presented themselves to us during this time, a part of our awareness has always been on them. What difficult responsibilities have you been focused on during the past three months? The responsibilities that we have been focused on and learning about have been shaping our destinies, meaning they have been shaping what our future looks like.

This full moon represents the culmination of this 3 month effort. The Saturn-North Node theme is accented by a conjunction to a Mercury-Jupiter trine, indicating a favorable inclination towards the caring of the needs of country, home, and family, and of feeling cared for, to some degree. This is a biased sentiment that may not fully address all of the issues that were dealt with during the past three months, and that may still need attention.

Neptune and natural flow.

A quality that may have acted to muddy issues and drive one to distraction is the ongoing trine from Neptune and Chiron, to the North Node - Saturn conjunction. (The Pluto-Uranus square is very much a part of this aspect.) This quality has existed in varying degrees and emphases since June of 2013, and it gradually devolves into a sense of loss and deceptions and a lack of clarity about our ultimate purpose and destiny between now and February 2014, when this quality dissipates. Here is the sense of the painful, unanswerable questions and of the difficult internal tensions that go with it. Here is the tendency to avidly waltz down the rosy path of idealism until we realize we've been cutting ourselves on the thorns and that we need to take better care of ourselves by slowing down, watching and waiting, looking and feeling, and breathing. Here is the sense of loss that we really don't know what we're doing or what we're about. Imagine allowing our bodies to sway with minimal resistance while standing in a pool of waving water. Sometimes it helps to just breath into our emotions and into those parts of our bodies that the questions seem to emanate or reflect from. Breathing in this way allows the resistances arising from our needing things to be a certain way to melt within us. This brings us peace and the sense that all can be right with the world, that we just need to wait and allow ourselves to see the various perspectives that present themselves, like gazing at an underwater landscape.

Another way that Neptune could have presented its influence recently is through our embracing of artistic pursuits, either as a spectator or as a participant, and usually both. We have been learning, playing, and achieving enhanced levels of ability with these artistic activities that attract us.

The aspect pattern that this interpretation is derived from is fairly complex. I've drawn a pictorial diagram of it for those of us who can interpret the symbols, so that we may contemplate it further and draw even more understanding from it. In addition, the chart of the Full Moon is also provided. I've presented the diagram and horoscope chart below..

One thing to be aware of when reading an interpretation of a current horoscope is that the interpretation tends to be meaningful in a person's life when the horoscope directly aspects planets in a person's own natal or progressed horoscope. People without these horoscope aspects tend to relate less with the interpretations.

A stand-alone aspect pattern in the current horoscope is the Sun Moon opposition and the Sun-Moon semi-square aspect to Venus (45 and 135 degrees, respectively). This represents an inner pull within all parties to draw back from some of the pushing and pulling in their relationships in order to relate from different perspectives than the ones currently espoused. Not that the parties are quite capable of this, just that there is a significant desire to do so. This influence can either be harnessed to bring the relationship to new levels, or it can be pushed against like the attempt to keep a ship on course during a strong wind coming obliquely from one side. In any case, the Full Moon itself is about expending the energy to manage all of the competing priorities, the various passions, and the narrow-minded urges to action. It's about taking a good look at what's important in our relationships and guiding each quality and each participant to only have their appropriate places in our lives.

Remember to not let difficulties keep you sad and depressed for long. Life is full of difficulties, but there's lots of sweetness, too. We need all of the flavors to create a good experience, like enjoying a good soup!

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    Full Moon Horoscope Chart


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Major planet movements during October 2013.         

* The month starts off with the Sun in Libra, and ends it with the Sun in Scorpio. The Sun moves into Scorpio just after midnight on October 23 at 12:10 AM MST in Denver, Colorado.

* Saturn spends the entire month of October between 10 and 13 degrees of Scorpio.

Saturn represents the taskmaster and teacher influences in our lives. When Saturn is active, we are held more accountable, and suffer consequences for ignoring needs and responsibilities. We are called to take stock of our lives and make changes oriented towards efficiency and practicality. However, where we have been diligent, Saturn provides us with respectability and a good reputation. Saturn can make us more serious emotionally, or even depressed. We can also find ourselves taking pride in our achievements when the time is appropriate. It's a good time to focus on consciously appreciating what brings us joy and cheer.

    * Sun aspects to Saturn during October: none

    * Major Moon aspects to Saturn during October: conjunct on Oct 6, square on Oct 13, trine on Oct 15, opposition on Oct 20, trine on Oct 24, square on Oct 27

* Uranus spends the month in retrograde motion between 10 and 9 degrees of Aries. (Uranus stationed retrograde at 12 Aries 31 on July 18th, and stations direct on Dec 18, 2013 at 8 Aries 35.)

Uranus in Aries represents fiery change, where enthusiasms and energy are expressed in a fiery manner. Increasing independence, tendency towards rebelliousness and revolution, and amazing insights and inventions are some of the themes indicated by Uranus. The current rash of shootings, rebellions, and agitation for change worldwide all suggest Uranus' influence.

Uranus is in square aspect to Pluto between 2011 and 2015 continuously. Aspects from the planets to Uranus and/or Pluto trigger this combination. Pluto intensifies Uranus' themes, adding the qualities of crisis and gravity to situations.

    * Sun aspects to Uranus during October: opposition on Oct 2-4

    * Major Moon aspects to Uranus during October: opposition on Oct 4, trine on Oct 9, square on Oct 11, conjunct on Oct 17, square on Oct 24, trine on Oct 27.

* Neptune spends the month in retrograde motion between 3 and 2 degrees of Pisces, its home sign.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions, and of the need to seek for clarity. Sometimes Neptune makes it easier for us to reach to the divine and to the mystical. Certain positions of Neptune when compared to the natal chart also indicate emotional vulnerability and a strong artistic bent. On a worldly level, Neptune supports themes of watery events and catastrophes, as well as major oil discoveries.

    * Sun aspects to Neptune during October: trine on Oct 24-26

    * Major Moon aspects to Neptune during October: opposition on Oct 1, trine on Oct 6, square on Oct 8, conjunct on Oct 14, square on Oct 21, trine on Oct 24, opposition on Oct 29.

* Pluto spends the month in direct motion at 9 degrees of Capricorn. (It stationed direct at 9 degrees of Capricorn on September 21, just before the equinox, which added more portent to this time.)

Pluto is the planet of transformation, chaos, resentments, and empowerment. Power struggles with others or within oneself are often indicative of Pluto's touch. Increasing governmental impacts are also indicated by Pluto. Extreme overturning of the status quo is also represented by Pluto (as well as big attempts at overturning.)

Currently, Pluto is in a multi-year square with Uranus. Uranus adds the element of surprise and unexpected turns of events to the crisis themes that Pluto can represent. Dates when the Sun or Moon are aspecting either Pluto or Uranus are triggering this square. During these times, expect to witness violent and sudden change and revolution on many levels, geological, societal, governmental, economic, and even scientific inventiveness and big changes in the music and arts scene. Leaders who are strongly empowered by mass sentiment rise up to guide and target major changes. Many conflicting mass sentiments are in play, like wild waves on a stormy ocean.
Pluto also represents the finding and developing of mineral wealth from underground, either through direct mineral extraction, or through the nurturing of gardens and farms for food (to imbibe minerals to enhance our health!)

    * Sun aspects to Pluto during October: square on Oct 1-3.

    * Major Moon aspects to Pluto during October: trine on Oct 2, square on Oct 4, conjunct on Oct 10-11, square on Oct 17, trine on Oct 19, opposition on Oct 24, trine on Oct 29.

* Jupiter spends the month between 18 and 20 degrees of Cancer. (Jupiter will station retrograde on Dec 7)

Jupiter is expansiveness, often indicates optimism and grandness, and represents teaching and philosophy. Jupiter is considered to be a beneficial planet, the 'Santa Claus' of the zodiac. However, all may not always be happiness when Jupiter touches us, because Jupiter also expands negative influences when it is aspecting difficult planetary configurations. Often, though, there are reasons to be optimistic when Jupiter is in play for us.

    * Sun aspects to Jupiter during October: square on Oct 11-13

    * Major Moon aspects to Jupiter during October: square on Oct 5, trine on Oct 7, opposition on Oct 11, trine on Oct 16, square on Oct 18, conjunct on Oct 25

To see horoscope views of the transits during this month, click here or on the 'Transits for the Year' link in the left menu at the top of this page. Then choose a date close to one you are interested in and enjoy!

* A note about aspects:
    * Challenging aspects are squares, oppositions,quincunxes, and some conjunctions (aka conjoins, or 'in the same position'). During these times, life can be more difficult. Obstacles arise, tensions develop, and the driving need for action and solutions is a strong motivator.
    * Flowing and easy aspects include trines, sextiles, and some conjunctions. During these times, relationships and activities just seem to work - for better or worse. A happy time is made happier by these aspects, a difficult time can be even more difficult if the energies support it! But generally trines and conjunctions strengthen the themes of current relationships or activities and help gifts to unfold within them. At these times it is helpful to us to recognize these gifts as they manifest!

Would you like to see how your natal chart compares to these planetary placements? Contact me for an astrology reading. It's a great way to learn how the planets are affecting your natal chart and your life!

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Coming Soon: A report card on the most recent Full Moon discussion presented here.

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August Full Moon Reading:  Report Card    

Meditating on Light   
Reflections on a daily practice   

When you meditate in silence, put all your cares to one side and concentrate on Light as though everything depended on it, as though your very life depended on it. . . Do this every day, several times a day. As soon as you have a few spare minutes, concentrate your thought on Light, rest in Light, melt into Light, soak yourself in Light and picture the whole universe bathed in Light . . . Little by little, as you do this, you will find that all the elements of your being begin to fall into place, that this Light is bringing you true knowledge, lasting peace, inner balance and power.

from the Celtic Spirit Newsletter, Beltane, 2013
by Mara Freeman and Chalice Centre


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Handy Transits List for October

Date   Sun   Moon

Oct 1 Sun in Libra 
 Sun square Pluto 
 Moon oppose Neptune

Oct 2 Sun oppose Uranus 
 Sun square Pluto 
 Moon trine Pluto

Oct 3 Sun oppose Uranus 
 Sun square Pluto 

Oct 4 Sun oppose Uranus  Moon oppose Uranus
 Moon square Pluto

Oct 5  Moon square Jupiter

Oct 6  Moon conjunct Saturn
 Moon trine Neptune

Oct 7  Moon trine Jupiter

Oct 8  Moon square Neptune

Oct 9  Moon trine Uranus

Oct 10  Moon conjunct Pluto

Oct 11 Sun square Jupiter  Moon square Uranus
 Moon conjunct Pluto
 Moon oppose Jupiter

Oct 12 Sun square Jupiter  

Oct 13 Sun square Jupiter  Moon square Saturn

Oct 14  Moon conjunct Neptune

Oct 15  Moon trine Saturn

Oct 16  Moon trine Jupiter

Oct 17  Moon conjunct Uranus
 Moon square Pluto

Oct 18  Moon square Jupiter

Oct 19  Moon trine Pluto

Oct 20  Moon oppose Saturn

Oct 21  Moon square Neptune

Oct 22  

Oct 23  

Oct 24 Sun trine Neptune  Moon trine Saturn
 Moon square Uranus
 Moon trine Neptune
 Moon oppose Pluto

Oct 25 Sun trine Neptune  Moon conjunct Jupiter

Oct 26 Sun trine Neptune  

Oct 27  Moon square Saturn
 Moon trine Uranus

Oct 28  

Oct 29  Moon oppose Neptune
 Moon trine Pluto

Oct 30  

Oct 31  

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