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Astrology chat about the FULL MOON on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 5:52AM MST      

The Full Moon on June 23 at 5:52 AM (MST) highlights the time of change that we're living in, both from the perspective of radical, sudden transformations and from the viewpoint of the persistent wearing down of old forms and structures. However, the Full Moon time itself is somewhat of an optimistic time, a time for over-exuberance and possibly surprising luck or lucky near-misses.

Over-optimism can characterize this period, as well as too much expectation of results and over-dramatization. What's actually happening is that a year-long astrological cycle is coming to an end (on the 25th of June) and a new one is beginning. It seems that the best way to use the energies of this time is to recall those actions, relationships, and learnings of the past year that were effective and beneficial for us and let them inform the coming year-long cycle. Each cycle builds on the previous one, and we have been given the gift of bringing to consciousness important themes and events of the past year to guide us into the next.

The current optimism of this Full Moon temporarily colors our view of the great magnitude of changes that are happening in the earth plane right now. We are affected emotionally by changes and transformations in our careers and our place in society as well as in our close relationships - we feel the need to be involved and empowered by participating in these changes. Evolving ourselves personally is one way to keep ahead of these changes in the outer world, and can even influence outer world changes to work in our favor. Change and transformation is the major theme of these times until 2015, there is no getting away from it.

This Full Moon horoscope illuminates the timeless interaction between water that inexorably wears away and earth that stands solidly seemingly forever. It seems as though the great tides of change are being made visible to humanity now on many levels - geologically, economically, and creatively, and regarding great knowledge. It's quite possible that new and penetrating artforms (music and other) will become public knowledge, and that the pervasiveness of 'Big Data' is becoming generally apparent. Big Data is the mining and gathering of technological data from across the internet into giant pools that can be studied and analyzed for trends and patterns for use in marketing, governmental control and security, and much more. It is also possible that great leaps in consciousness and spiritual ability are being made right now, and these will soon be public knowledge as well.

Every element is highlighted in the current Full Moon horoscope: earth, fire, and water have planets denoting change, and air denotes optimism and passion to affect our destinies and mass consciousness.

Inviting harmonies to the water, fire, and earth elements to foster compassion between humanity and the four nature elements in action seems very appropriate to do now.

Major planet movements during June 2013.         

* The month starts off with the Sun in Gemini, and ends it with the Sun in Cancer. The Sun moves into Cancer on June 20, at 11:04 PM in Denver, Colorado.

* Saturn spends the entire month of June in retrograde motion between 6 and 5 degrees of Scorpio. (It will station direct at 4 Scorpio 49 on July 9th.) Saturn represents the taskmaster and teacher influences in our lives. When Saturn is active, we are held more accountable, and suffer consequences for ignoring needs and responsibilities. We are called to take stock of our lives and make changes oriented towards efficiency and practicality. However, where we have been diligent, Saturn provides us with respectability and a good reputation. Saturn can make us more serious emotionally, or even depressed. We can also find ourselves taking pride in our achievements when the time is appropriate. It's a good time to focus on consciously appreciating what brings us joy and cheer.
    * Sun aspects to Saturn during June: trine on June 26th.
    * Major Moon aspects to Saturn during June: opposition on June 5, trine on June 10, conjunct on June 20, square on June 26, trine on June 28.

* Uranus spends the month between 11 and 12 degrees of Aries. (Uranus will station retrograde at 12 Aries 31 on July 18th.) Uranus in Aries represents fiery change, where enthusiasms and energy are expressed in a fiery manner. Increasing independence, tendency towards rebelliousness and revolution, and amazing insights and inventions are some of the themes indicated by Uranus. The current rash of shootings, rebellions, and agitation for change worldwide all suggest Uranus' influence.
    * Sun aspects to Uranus during June: sextile on June 2.
    * Major Moon aspects to Uranus during June: conjunct on June 3, square on June 11, trine on June 13, opposition on June 18, trine on June 22, square on June 24.

* Neptune spends the month at 5 degrees of Pisces, its home sign. It stations retrograde on June 8th at 5 Pisces 22. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions, and of the need to seek for clarity. Sometimes Neptune makes it easier for us to reach to the divine. Certain positions of Neptune when compared to the natal chart also indicate emotional vulnerability and a strong artistic bent. On a worldly level, Neptune supports themes of watery events and catastrophes, as well as oil finds. Neptune is in a trine aspect with Saturn all month in water signs, which enhances both positive and negative aspects related to watery events and the loosening and/or weakening of structures. Days when the Sun or Moon are aspecting Neptune or Saturn are days when the Saturn-Neptune trine are triggered.
    * Sun aspects to Neptune during June: trine on June 27.
    * Major Moon aspects to Neptune during June: square on June 8, trine on June 10, opposition on June 15, trine on June 20, square on June 22, conjunct on June 28.

* Pluto spends the month retrograde at 11 and 10 degrees of Capricorn. (It went retrograde (reversed apparent direction) on April 13th at 11 Capricorn 35. It turns direct on September 21 at 8 Capricorn 59.) Pluto is the planet of transformation, chaos, resentments, and empowerment. Power struggles with others or within oneself are often indicative of Pluto's touch. Extreme overturning of the status quo is also represented by Pluto. Currently, Pluto is in a multi-year square with Uranus. Dates when the Sun or Moon are aspecting either Pluto or Uranus are triggering this square. During these times, expect to witness violent and sudden change and revolution on many levels, geological, social, governmental, economic, and even scientific inventiveness and musical breakthroughs.
    * Sun aspects to Pluto during June: none.
    * Major Moon aspects to Pluto during June: conjunct on June 3, trine on June 5, opposition on June 11, trine on June 16, square on June 18, conjunct on June 24.

* Jupiter spends the month between 24 degrees of Gemini and 0 Cancer. Jupiter is expansiveness, often indicates optimism and grandness, and represents teaching and philosophy. Jupiter is considered to be a beneficial planet, the 'Santa Claus' of the zodiac. However, all may not always be happiness, because Jupiter also expands negative influences when it is aspecting difficult planetary configurations.
    * Sun aspects to Jupiter during June: conjunction on June 20 at 28 Gemini.
    * Major Moon aspects to Jupiter during June: square on June 2, conjunct on June 9, square on June 17, trine on June 19, opposition on June 23, trine on June 27, square on June 30.

To see horoscope views of the transits during the month, click on the 'Transit Charts' link on the upper left side of this page. Then choose a date close to one you're interested in and enjoy!

* A note about aspects:
    * Challenging aspects are squares, oppositions,quincunxes, and some conjunctions (aka conjoins). During these times, life can be more difficult. Obstacles arise, tensions develop, and the driving need for action and solutions is a strong motivator.
    * Flowing and easy aspects include trines, sextiles, and some conjunctions. During these times, relationships and activities just seem to work - for better or worse. A happy time is made happier by these aspects, a difficult time can be even more difficult if the energies support it! But generally trines and conjunctions strengthen the themes of current relationships or activities and help gifts to unfold within them. At these times it is helpful to us to recognize these gifts as they manifest!

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Meditating on Light   
Reflections on a daily practice   

When you meditate in silence, put all your cares to one side and concentrate on Light as though everything depended on it, as though your very life depended on it. . . Do this every day, several times a day. As soon as you have a few spare minutes, concentrate your thought on Light, rest in Light, melt into Light, soak yourself in Light and picture the whole universe bathed in Light . . . Little by little, as you do this, you will find that all the elements of your being begin to fall into place, that this Light is bringing you true knowledge, lasting peace, inner balance and power.

from the Celtic Spirit Newsletter, Beltane, 2013
by Mara Freeman and Chalice Centre


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