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The next FULL MOON is on Monday, July 22, 2013 just after noon.      

Two prominent themes occur side by side in the horoscope of the July 22nd Full Moon. Events and stresses that affect us emotionally and deeply take a lot of our attention while a sense of naive wonder and wondering can make up our 'breather periods.'

This full moon marks a time when the lunar themes of motherliness and emotional sensitiveness are prevalent and central in our experiences. For some, attention is on those who are weak, sick or dying, and on those who are prisoners of one form or another. For others, there is the focus on 'spiritual nurturing and care.' Regardless, confident, nurturing attention and reflection is given to stresses and wounding that have occurred over a long period of time, and to structures that are weakening or reforming.

For those of us that are astrologically inclined: the full moon horoscope has what I'll call a 'flying butterfly' configuration, whereby the T-squares made from Uranus and Pluto to Mercury and Jupiter-Mars are enfolded by the wings - the water trines consisting of Jupiter-Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury, Chiron, North Node.

The current period has a strong 'newness' quality to it, since all of the planets are in early degrees of each sign. The Full Moon itself is at zero degrees of Leo-Aquarius, indicating a naive wonder and wondering at our potentials for leadership, playfulness, generosity, and me-mindedness. Additionally, there is the sense of a need for novelty, greater humaneness, technological advancement and the updating of traditions to the current time.

The engaging need for a bigger world view is in contention with on-the-ground facts and figures, especially as it concerns our estimation of our limited resources. The clash of these felt-themes will result in original and interesting, but probably impractical, solutions for some.

As for the four elements of air, earth, fire, and water, the water element is strongly prominent in this Full Moon horoscope. This would suggest great emotional depth to our experiences this month, as well as unusual and even novel ocean wave activity and other natural, peculiar water action involving rain, floods, and more. Humans take an active role in modulating ( or instigating?) natural water actions by responding to them with a heart to protection and security.

Some of us may find ourselves in the presence of kindly caring smiles and that warming heart-sense that inspires us to confidence and hope. Others of us may find ourselves making connection to the greater-all-that-is during grand nature events, especially those involving water; we'll find ourselves inspired by those majestic feelings of wonder and awe at nature's grandness. And religious groups may experience a renewed fervency and connection to the divine.

Some of us may find ourselves reflecting both mentally and emotionally on the difficult events of the past couple of years or more, finding a place of resignation within ourselves and maybe acceptance, and reflecting on the great lessons we've learned through our hurts and woundings. We may speak to others from this place or write about how we are coming to terms with these experiences and lessons. An objective that may arise out of this process is the embracing of the coming changes and dislocations and transformations that the entire planet is experiencing for the next two years. What can you teach us about embracing the coming changes?

From a business and economic perspective, it appears that the groundwork has been laid for an expansion of the oil and gas extraction that is occurring in the USA and worldwide. New decisions are confidently being made to expand production.

New medical discoveries or miracle-pharmaceuticals can become prominent news during this cycle. Or we may personally find nutritional aids and supplements that can enhance our sense of wellness and health.

Militarily, weapons that employ pharmaceuticals or cause drug-type symptoms may be introduced or used during this time.

There is increasing optimism about the US economy, in spite of the naysayers. Time will tell whether the optimism is warranted.

Overlaid on the emotional depth of this period is a certain detached objectivity about the world's problems, and a need to be seen as intellectual and intelligent. There could be prominent discussion of the need for new 'machines' to solve the world's problems along with a contentious retort concerning the lack of financial resources. We have a basic optimism and hope for the future and confidence in our ability to lead the world to a new place of order. Almost like the king walking with a hobbled foot.

Caretaker's perspective: help and nurturing from the wider community may be forthcoming, so that a fresh perspective and comforting optimism enter into the picture. The everpresent sense of the woundedness of the persons in care can weigh heavily on the mind. Drink water, take baths, take time to be alone and nurture yourself and not be overwhelmed with these thoughts and feelings. Allow yourself to come to a new understanding about your concerns. Or take time to be with comforting, 'mothering' others.

Spiritual perspective: We are learning new qualities of leadership and humaneness and big vision. The emotions around mothering and nurturing and other deep emotional experiences can be distracting and even distressing. Allow it its place in your life. Integrate the two, see how emotional involvement in life's concerns can run in parallel with and even educate new developments in the unfolding of our very essence and place in the Sun.

Major planet movements during July 2013.         

* The month starts off with the Sun in Cancer, and ends it with the Sun in Leo. The Sun moves into Leo on July 22, at 9:56 AM in Denver, Colorado.

* Saturn spends the entire month of July in retrograde motion between 4 and 5 degrees of Scorpio. Saturn stations direct at 4 Scorpio 49 on July 9th. Saturn represents the taskmaster and teacher influences in our lives. When Saturn is active, we are held more accountable, and suffer consequences for ignoring needs and responsibilities. We are called to take stock of our lives and make changes oriented towards efficiency and practicality. However, where we have been diligent, Saturn provides us with respectability and a good reputation. Saturn can make us more serious emotionally, or even depressed. We can also find ourselves taking pride in our achievements when the time is appropriate. It's a good time to focus on consciously appreciating what brings us joy and cheer.
    * Sun aspects to Saturn during July: square on July 28th.
    * Major Moon aspects to Saturn during July: opposition on July 2, trine on July 7, square on July 10, conjunct on July 17, square on July 23, trine on July 25, opposition on July 30.

* Uranus spends the month very still at 12.5 degrees of Aries. (Uranus will station retrograde at 12 Aries 31 on July 18th.) Uranus in Aries represents fiery change, where enthusiasms and energy are expressed in a fiery manner. Increasing independence, tendency towards rebelliousness and revolution, and amazing insights and inventions are some of the themes indicated by Uranus. The current rash of shootings, rebellions, and agitation for change worldwide all suggest Uranus' influence.
    * Sun aspects to Uranus during July: square on July 4.
    * Major Moon aspects to Uranus during July: conjunct on July 1, square on July 8, trine on July 11, opposition on July 15, trine on July 20, square on July 22, conjunct on July 28.

* Neptune spends the month in retrograde motion at 5 and 4 degrees of Pisces, its home sign. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions, and of the need to seek for clarity. Sometimes Neptune makes it easier for us to reach to the divine. Certain positions of Neptune when compared to the natal chart also indicate emotional vulnerability and a strong artistic bent. On a worldly level, Neptune supports themes of watery events and catastrophes, as well as oil finds. Neptune is in a trine aspect with Saturn all month in water signs, which enhances both positive and negative aspects related to watery events and the loosening and/or weakening of structures. Days when the Sun or Moon are aspecting Neptune or Saturn are days when the Saturn-Neptune trine are triggered.
    * Sun aspects to Neptune during July: quincunx on July 28.
    * Major Moon aspects to Neptune during July: square on July 5, trine on July 7, opposition on July 12, trine on July 17, square on July 19, conjunct on July 25.

* Pluto spends the month in retrograde motion at 10 and 9 degrees of Capricorn. (It went retrograde (reversed apparent direction) on April 13th at 11 Capricorn 35.) Pluto is the planet of transformation, chaos, resentments, and empowerment. Power struggles with others or within oneself are often indicative of Pluto's touch. Extreme overturning of the status quo is also represented by Pluto. Currently, Pluto is in a multi-year square with Uranus. Dates when the Sun or Moon are aspecting either Pluto or Uranus are triggering this square. During these times, expect to witness violent and sudden change and revolution on many levels, geological, social, governmental, economic, and even scientific inventiveness and musical breakthroughs.
    * Sun aspects to Pluto during July: conjunct on July 2.
    * Major Moon aspects to Pluto during July: trine on July 3, opposition on July 8, trine on July 13, square on July 15, conjunct on July 21, square on July 28, trine on July 30.

* Jupiter spends the month between 1 and 7 degrees of Cancer. Jupiter is expansiveness, often indicates optimism and grandness, and represents teaching and philosophy. Jupiter is considered to be a beneficial planet, the 'Santa Claus' of the zodiac. However, all may not always be happiness, because Jupiter also expands negative influences when it is aspecting difficult planetary configurations.
    * Sun aspects to Jupiter during July: none.
    * Major Moon aspects to Jupiter during July: conjunct on July 7, square on July 15, trine on July 17, opposition on July 21, trine on July 25, square on July 27.

To see horoscope views of the transits during the month, click on the 'Transit Charts' link on the upper left side of this page. Then choose a date close to one you're interested in and enjoy!

* A note about aspects:
    * Challenging aspects are squares, oppositions,quincunxes, and some conjunctions (aka conjoins). During these times, life can be more difficult. Obstacles arise, tensions develop, and the driving need for action and solutions is a strong motivator.
    * Flowing and easy aspects include trines, sextiles, and some conjunctions. During these times, relationships and activities just seem to work - for better or worse. A happy time is made happier by these aspects, a difficult time can be even more difficult if the energies support it! But generally trines and conjunctions strengthen the themes of current relationships or activities and help gifts to unfold within them. At these times it is helpful to us to recognize these gifts as they manifest!

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Meditating on Light   
Reflections on a daily practice   

When you meditate in silence, put all your cares to one side and concentrate on Light as though everything depended on it, as though your very life depended on it. . . Do this every day, several times a day. As soon as you have a few spare minutes, concentrate your thought on Light, rest in Light, melt into Light, soak yourself in Light and picture the whole universe bathed in Light . . . Little by little, as you do this, you will find that all the elements of your being begin to fall into place, that this Light is bringing you true knowledge, lasting peace, inner balance and power.

from the Celtic Spirit Newsletter, Beltane, 2013
by Mara Freeman and Chalice Centre


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