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Solar and Lunar Dates for 2011 - for transit chart studies and candle magic rituals

January 19, 2011

For horoscope watchers, here are the dates of lunar and solar events of great significance. The sign and degree placements follow western astrology, and were obtained from the Kepler Astrology software.

What makes these dates greatly significant? New Moons represent the beginnings of new cycles, and Full Moons represent the culminations of cycles. New Moons are great for starting new projects and ventures, or for seeding a new beginning of any type. Full Moons, which are high energy times, are good for working magic, for the energy of this time can be drawn on to empower one's purposes. Listen to the stories of others; imagine how you might use these times to create your life the way you wish it to be.

Solar ingresses are the dates that the Sun enters a new sign. The chart for this event can be viewed as setting the energy for the entire month. As such, the benefits and challenges for each area of life can be viewed by reviewing the planetary placements in each of the houses in the chart. (At a later date, charts will be provided in these pages showing the solar ingresses for 2011.)

Click on the links below to read an interpretation of the times (Full and New Moons, Sun Ingresses.) Scroll down far below to see the dates and links for when the Sun enters each sign, and to read the interpretations for these events.


Full and New Moons for 2011 - from the winter solstice Full Moon of 2010 to the Full Moon before the winter solstice of 2011. Dates and times are given as well as the signs that the Sun and Moon are in. (dates are month/day/year). All times are Mountain Standard Time. Add two hours for EST. Subtract one hour for PST. All charts are created for Arvada, which is a town very near to Denver, Colorado.

Full and New Moons for 2011
Lunar Type Date Time Day Chart Placement
FULL 12/21/2010 1:13AM MST Tuesday Sun 29 Sagittarius 21     Moon in Gemini at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 12/21 - 1/4
NEW 01/04/2011 2:02AM  Tuesday Sun, Moon at 13 Capricorn 39
waxing       Waxing moon from 1/4 to 1/19
FULL 01/19/2011 2:21PM Wednesday Sun 29 Capricorn 27     Moon in Cancer at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 1/19 - 2/2
NEW 02/02/2011 7:30PM Wednesday Sun, Moon at 13 Aquarius 54
waxing       Waxing moon from 2/2 - 2/18
FULL 02/18/2011 1:35AM Friday Sun  29 Aquarius 20    Moon in Leo at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 2/18 - 3/4
NEW 03/04/2011 1:45PM Friday Sun, Moon at 13 Pisces 56
waxing       Waxing moon from 3/4 - 3/19
FULL 03/19/2011 12:10PM Saturday Sun 28 Pisces 48      Moon in Virgo at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 3/19 - 4/3
NEW 04/03/2011 8:32AM Sunday Sun, Moon at 13 Aries 30
waxing       Waxing moon from 4/3 - 4/17
FULL 04/17/2011 8:43PM Sunday Sun  27 Aries 44    Moon in Libra at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 4/17 - 5/3
NEW 05/03/2011 12:50AM Tuesday Sun, Moon at 12 Taurus 31
waxing       Waxing moon from 5/3 - 5/17
FULL 05/17/2011 5:08AM Tuesday Sun 26 Taurus 13     Moon in Scorpio at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 5/17 - 6/1
NEW 06/01/2011 3:02PM Wednesday Sun, Moon at 11 Gemini 02
waxing       Waxing moon from 6/1 - 6/15
FULL 06/15/2011 2:13PM Wednesday Sun  24 Gemini 23    Moon in Sagittarius at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 6/15 - 7/1
NEW 07/01/2011 2:53AM Friday Sun, Moon at 9 Cancer 12
waxing       Waxing moon from 7/1 - 7/15
FULL 07/15/2011 12:39AM Friday Sun 22 Cancer 28     Moon in Capricorn at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 7/15 - 7/30
NEW 07/30/2011 12:39PM Saturday Sun, Moon at 7 Leo 16
waxing       Waxing moon from 7/30 - 8/13
FULL 08/13/2011 12:57PM Saturday Sun  20 Leo 41    Moon in Aquarius at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 8/13 - 8/28
NEW 08/28/2011 9:04PM Sunday Sun, Moon at 5 Virgo 27
waxing       Waxing moon from 8/28 - 9/12
FULL 09/12/2011 3:26AM Monday Sun 19 Virgo 17     Moon in Pisces at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 9/12 - 9/27
NEW 09/27/2011 5:08AM Tuesday Sun, Moon at 4 Libra 0
waxing       Waxing moon from 9/27 - 10/11
FULL 10/11/2011 8:05PM Tuesday Sun 18 Libra 24     Moon in Aries at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 10/11 - 10/26
NEW 10/26/2011 1:55PM Wednesday Sun, Moon at 3 Scorpio 03
waxing       Waxing moon from 10/26 - 11/10
FULL 11/10/2011 1:16PM Thursday Sun 18 Scorpio 05     Moon in Taurus at the same degree
waning       Waning moon from 11/10 - 11/24
NEW 11/24/2011 11:09PM Thursday Sun, Moon at 2 Sagittarius 37
waxing       Waxing moon from 11/24 - 12/10
FULL 12/10/2011 7:26AM Saturday Sun 18 Sagittarius 11     Moon in Gemini at the same degree



Here are the dates that the Sun enters each sign:

Sun enters Capricorn: 12/21/2010  4:38PM  Tuesday     

Sun enters Pisces:  2/18/2011  5:25PM  Friday

Sun enters Aries:  3/20/2011  5:20PM  Sunday

Sun enters Taurus: 4/20/2011  4:17AM  Wednesday

Sun enters Gemini:  5/21/2011  3:21AM  Saturday

Sun enters Cancer:  6/21/2011  11:16AM  Tuesday

Sun enters Leo: 7/22/2011  10:11PM  Friday

Sun enters Virgo: 8/23/2011  5:20AM  Tuesday

Sun enters Libra: 9/23/2011  3:04AM  Friday

Sun enters Scorpio : 10/23/2011  12:30PM MST  Sunday   

Sun enters Sagittarius: 11/22/2011, 9:07AM Tuesday